North Ogden Native Lending Support to Refugees in Greece

       Keli Hiatt Anderson, a native of North Ogden and professional photographer, recently had the opportunity, to travel to Greece with the non-profit organization called Carry the Future.

She was one of 8 women who, for 10 days, left the comforts of home and family to give relief to down-trodden refugees thousands of miles away.   This relief came in the form of baby carriers.

2016 Legislative Recap

The 2016 Utah legislative session is over and there were a lot of bills that made their way through the legislative pipes, some receiving national interest and support. Medicinal marijuana, anti-vax education and the elimination of the death penalty all progressed far into the session, only to fall short of the support they needed to ultimately be made into law.

While most people were focused on these hot topics, hundreds of other bills quietly made their way through the system and passed into law. Here is a quick run down some of the newest Utah laws.


Sutherland Institute Names Boyd Matheson as Newest President

Seven months after Paul Mero stepped down, the Sutherland Institute has named Boyd Matheson as its new president. Matheson served for two years as Senator Mike Lee’s (R-UT) Chief of Staff, and more recently as part of Senator Lee’s re-election campaign. Senator Lee describes Matheson as an “astute adviser [and] an essential bridge builder.”

Mormon Missionaries Injured in Belgium Explosion

North Branch Library an Ongoing Issue of Concern

On March 2, 2016, many concerned citizens of Harrisville, North Ogden, and Pleasant View were invited to attend a joint city meeting regarding the renovation or relocation of the North Branch Library.  Held at the Senior Center in North Ogden, there was not an empty seat in the building.  County Commissioners, mayors from all three cities, and several council members were present as well as board members of the library system.  It was a packed house.  Mayor Mileski warmly welcomed all to the meeting.

Urgent call to action!

A bill has been proposed in the Utah State Senate that will effectively eliminate source of income as a protected class under fair housing laws.

This proposed legislation would allow landlords to discriminate against poor people.

This legislation will make it easier for landlords to discriminate based on race, religion, national origin and disability.

This proposed legislation will make it harder to find affordable housing for people who really need it.


New survey on how your community spends their tax returns

We asked more than one thousand people how they plan to spend their tax refunds in 2016, and found some quirky correlations and interesting trends in their responses.


For instance:

  • Members of Generation X were 30% more likely than everyone else to use their refund to pay down debt.
  • Over 80% of people in our survey said they would rather splurge on a trip than use their refund to buy a new TV or gaming system.
  • Medical marijuana supporters are three times more likely to spend their tax refund on travel or recreation.


GreenWood Charter School’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Program

GreenWood Charter School, located in Harrisville, Utah, is implementing a program that is all about going green.  It’s the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle program.  The students are learning about being mindful of their choices and how it affects the world around them.

Some Clarifications from the Utah Division of Water Resources

There have been some misunderstandings by some people about the relationship between a comprehensive 2011/2013 project list developed by the Utah Division of Water Resources and projections made during the Prepare60 effort. We would like to clarify some items to reduce misunderstandings.


American Lung Association’s ‘State of Tobacco Control 2016’ Report Finds Utah Failing in Efforts

American Lung Association’s ‘State of Tobacco Control 2016’ Report Finds Utah Failing in Efforts to Save Lives by Reducing Tobacco Use



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