Doughnuts & Family Just Go Together: A Halloween Tradition!

Ever since I was a kid we had one tradition that, without fail, was ALWAYS celebrated on Halloween: making doughnuts! Mom would start preparing the dough before lunch and by late afternoon we’d see it spilling over the top of our biggest metal pot in the kitchen. Our eyes were huge with excitement--It was ready!  And, of course, Mom would triple or quadruple the recipe so there was plenty to go around—especially for the neighbors who’d stop by expecting a few samples!

Halloween FUN snacks for Party Guests

Halloween/ Fall Decorations inside and out

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Idea's for Trunk or Treat / Trick or Treat

Weber School District HOPE WEEK Meant to Bring Plenty of Hope for Everyone

Weber School District’s HOPE week is over, but hopefully students and families of Weber County are still feeling the effects of all the good that happened.

Last week the community was invited to join in several fun activities, including food trucks and hearing a local band at Valley Elementary School, a guest presentation by Brad Barton with magic tricks at North Ogden Elementary, and Try it “Knight” with jousting at North Ogden Jr. High. Barton taught everyone who came to North Ogden Elementary about making good choices and having the magic to do what’s never been done before!

Weber School District $97 Million Bond: A Breakdown of Where the Dollars Will Go

On November 7th, Weber County residents will have the opportunity to vote on the Weber School District $97 million-dollar bond. The Board expects to issue the bonds over the next 4 years. We are told there will be NO PROPERTY TAX RATE INCREASE for the Weber County homeowners and businesses.  These bonds will be repaid over the course of 21 years.  The money from the bonds will be used towards building new schools, rebuilding existing schools, building additions and for furnishing and equipping schools.  Plus, acquiring land for future schools, if necessary.

A Day Out Against Crime Gave us a Glimpse of Life Behind the Scenes

North Ogden City had a Day Out Against Crime Day held on September 23, 2017,  from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Smith’s parking lot.  You could talk to: SWAT team members, NOPD officers, the pilot for the Air Med helicopter, and the Mobile Command Center, among others.  Plus, there were some awesome food trucks in which my family readily enjoyed the tasty grub! 

Gibson’s Green Acres Dairy Farm is the Place to Be this Fall!

Have you ever heard of a “Butter Bouncer” or ridden on a “Cow train?” How about choosing your OWN scare adventure in a haunted corn maze? Things are only getting stranger, creepier and exciting as Halloween approaches!

Preparing for Natural Disasters: What Can You Do?

You may not be aware that September happens to be National Preparedness month. However, with all the recent natural disasters of hurricanes in the East, wildfires all around us, and earthquakes to the north and south you might ask if you are prepared for such a disaster?

Be Ready Utah is partnering with the Disaster Discovery Center, a non-profit emergency preparedness company to establish a permanent location to help Utahns be ready for a natural disaster.


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