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From Useing Old Shutters to bringing life to old ornments for Memories. There is something for all.

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The Thoughts of making keepsake Gifts- Ideas for all

Great Ideas to give for the hard to buy for group and for the joy of tradition. A few years ago we had a fire, I lost all my Christmas items including those specail things my daughter had made growing up. That is what I miss the most of all the items that was burned. 



Snow Plow Safety and Children Safety Tips and Guidelines

Winter has arrived, so it’s time for the “talk” about the safety for the upcoming winter. Children need to understand that snow plows are very large, and that they take time to slow down and stop.

Think to Thank for All Your Blessings

Did you know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has a BLOG?  You can find all kinds of inspiring quotes, lessons, and shared personal experiences that may help you in your own life.  During November, appropriately so, the LDS Blog is focusing on the theme: Think to Thank.  In the blog post, we read about happiness.

Tips for Destressing Thanksgiving

·         Accept Offers- say yes for offers of others bring food especially if they are accommodating their own diets.

·         Assign Your Serving dishes – decide what serving dishes you’ll use for each dish the day before.

·         Decorate with food – What a better way to celebrate the season’s harvest than to display a fresh bounty of fruits and vegetables. Than use them the next day for salads.

·         Save a step with fresh-cut veggies – let the supermarket salad bar help with the cut up fresh vegetables.

Appreciating our Heroes: Veteran’s Day

Appreciating our Heroes: Veteran’s Day

Tami L. Johnson

Each year on November 11th, Americans young and old celebrate Veteran’s Day by participating in parades, school celebrations, and listening to bands play national songs. U.S. flags proudly wave the red, white and blue from homes, buildings and flagpoles. 

From the children’s book, Veterans’ Day, by Marlene Targ Brill we learn that, “People in the United States celebrate the holiday Veterans’ Day every year. We show veterans how much they mean to us.”

Fall is all About Pies and More Pies!

When Fall approaches and, especially the month of November, we get a little antsy to start baking again. At least I do!

Besides warming up our houses, we can warm up our senses as we breathe in the aromatic scent of a pie in the oven.  Mmmmm! Pies are one of the best smells next to molasses cookies and homemade bread, right?  But that’s just my opinion.

Si Foster, from the blog www.abountifulkitchen.com says, “There is a need and desire to create and that’s through baking.” 

Thanksgiving Treats

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Weber High School

The cast of characters all throughout is truly awesome!  The 6 brothers are played by: Kylar Vierra (Benjamin), Reed Stewart (Caleb), Cameron Stakebake (Daniel), Nate Chugg (Ephraim), Caleb Degn (Frank), and Cameron Linford (Gideon).  The 6 brides are played by: Alaina Nelson (Dorcus), Morgan Erickson (Ruth), Abbey Harris (Liza), Emily Peeters (Martha), Maren Messerly (Sarah) and Tessa Shelton (Alice). 


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