Rocky Mountain Battlebot Competition a League of its Own!

If you’ve never been to a Battlebot competition, you may want to make plans for next year because it may be considered some of the best family entertainment you’ve had in a while—at least it was for me! 

You might be sitting back wondering what is the Rocky Mountain Battlebot Competition?  It’s rather a mouthful to say, but it’s a manufacturing workforce development program of the Northern Utah National Tooling and Machining Association Chapter (NUNTMA). 

Hats off to Dr. Seuss!

Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as “Dr. Seuss,” was an American writer, cartoonist, animator, book publisher, and artist best known for authoring children’s books.

Dr. Seuss took along young and old alike into his whimsical storybook adventures.  His birthday, March 2nd, is a significant day; and is now celebrated as the ‘Read Across America Day.’

This day of reading is literally exploding at Lomond View Elementary School! Librarian, Virginia Miller, who has a boundless amount of energy and talent, organizes a celebration in honor of Dr. Seuss’s legacy each year.

Education is Key to the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Utah, more than other area of the nation, is suffering from a silent epidemic.  From 2000 to 2014, Utah has experienced a nearly 400% increase in deaths from the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs. Each month there are 24 individuals who die from prescription drug overdoses.

  What can we do to help alleviate this growing epidemic? Constant education of the public is essential to prevent drug and alcohol abuse. There is great danger in legal prescription medications and illicit drugs. 

Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse Celebrating 25 Years

A special gala was held on February 18th to celebrate 25 amazing years of community theater at Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse. Several were in attendance, including participants who have performed in various plays over the years and those who have worked behind the scenes.

Eliza’s Hearts for Haiti a Sweet Service

In January 2010, Eliza Stewart had a grand idea.  At 6 years, old she wanted to start her own business and make some money. Her Mom, Krisa Stewart, was hesitant to do this because Eliza’s plan was to have a store outside of their home. And Eliza tells us, “My mom didn’t really want me making a lot of money at that age.”

Box Elder High Sterling Scholars for 2016-17 (3 of 3)

Laura Dean the Vocal Performance
Emily Haynie Visual Arts Sterling Scholar.
Jordan Kurt Penfold Career Technical Skilled Sciences Technical Education
Sarah Doman for Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.

Laura Dean the Vocal Performance

 Laura Dean is the daughter of Robert and Margie Dean. 

Laura has been singing her entire life and her experience is clearly reflected in her skill level. Laura sings with both the highest level of technical proficiency, as well as nuance, musicality, and emotionality. 

She has been an important asset in the BEHS choirs.  She has been a member of Arioso, Concert Choir, and Madrigals, and she has also been featured in lead roles in the school musical, most recently as Ariel in the Little Mermaid.

Box Elder High Sterling Scholars for 2016-17 ( 1 of 3)

Jaren Campbell - Business/Information Technology Sterling Scholar
Marilyn Cannon - Math Sterling Scholar
Damon J. Loll - World Languages Sterling Scholar
Emily Harames - Social Science Sterling Scholar

Jaren Campbell - Business/Information Technology Sterling Scholar

Jaren Campbell is the son of Jeff and Bonnie Campbell. 

Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just for Love Birds

When I was a teenager my Mom did something I’ll never forget on Valentine’s Day—she bought me a Big Hunk candy bar, my Favorite! When I came home from school I found it sitting there on my bed with a note attached, saying, “Someday you’ll find your own Big Hunk!” I loved that Valentine! My Mom knew I needed a “pick-me-up” because dating boys, at the time, was going nowhere!  And nothing beats the blues for a teenager like chocolate and candy! But most importantly, my Mom showed me LOVE.

The SeaQuest Aquarium, in Layton, is Unlike any Other!

The brand new, SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, is inviting you to come explore the wonders of the California Coast, the Egyptian Desert, the Amazon Rainforest, and more! Located in the Layton Hills Mall this unique aquarium is geared towards families and children of all ages.

Three Mile Creek Elementary School


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