Church Re-evaluating Scouting Program

Opponents Believe Primary Seat Belt Law Violates Rights

In May, Utah’s new seat belt law went into effect, making it a primary offense to not wear a safety belt.  Police can now pull you over and give you a ticket just for not wearing your seatbelt. Before, an officer had to pull you over for another reason, such as speeding or not stopping at a red light then add on the ticket for not buckling up.

Rep Bishop Introduces Bill to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights

Representative Rob Bishop, R­UT, along with 49 other co­sponsors, introduced the Lawful Purpose and Self Defense Act. HR 2710 aims to restrict the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) from banning ammunition used in AR­15 rifles.

            Additionally, this Bill would modernize the 1968 Gun Control Act, and further prohibit the ATF’s ability to restrict other firearms and ammunition, such as shotguns and shotgun shells commonly used for self-defense.


Many parents flock to the local splash pads for their kids to cool off. These are mostly free amusements, with more and more cities adding them to their parks. Cities tout these as a great low cost way to provide some water fun without the hefty expense of a pool. In fact, parents have gotten so used to this free entertainment that grumbling can be heard about cities like North Ogden whose splash pad is a “pay to play” feature at their aquatic center. So, what is the real cost of the splash pad and who is really paying the price?

Supreme Court Rules Obamacare Subsidies are Constitutional

Supreme Court Rules Obamacare Subsidies are Constitutional

Written by Bryan Schott on

25 June 2015
. Posted in Today At Utah Policy

In a 6-3 decision Thursday morning, the Supreme Court once again upheld Obamacare, ruling that federal subsidies to purchase health insurance are constitutional.


A Picture Worth 24 Billion Gallons?

A Picture Worth 24 Billion Gallons?

Following the Utah Division of Water Resources “Weekly Lawn Watering Guide”
could save Utah more than 24 billion gallons of water between April and October


Salt Lake City – June 2, 2014 The Utah Division of Water Resources says its “Weekly Lawn Watering Guide” could be worth billions of gallons of water if Utahns pay attention to it.


Paying More at the Pump

Utah--You can look forward to paying more at the pump thanks to an increase in the Utah gas tax. Lawmakers passed a 5 cent per gallon increase in the 2015 legislative session. This is in addition to the 24.5 cents tax that is already in place. This means Utah gas tax will increase a whopping 20%! Proponents of the law argue that this increase is necessary to meet funding for construction on Utah’s roadways. However, perhaps the better argument might be: why not use the resources we have more responsibly?

Bringing Together All Faiths for the National Day of Prayer

Ogden—May 7 marks the 64th annual National Day of Prayer in the United States, and the Religious Liberty Council of Weber County will be hosting an event on May 6 for the community to help everyone prepare for that day. The event will be held at the Ogden Tabernacle located at 2133 Washington Blvd., and will start at 7:00 pm. It is open up to anyone who wishes to attend, regardless of their religious affiliations and admittance is free.

The Real Cost of Recreation- How many parks is enough?

Brigham City--With a population of just under 19,000 people, it would be expected that the lovely town of Brigham City would have a park or two for the enjoyment of the people. Well how about eleven? Add to that a seasonal swimming pool, a pickle ball court, a golf course, and an up-coming recreation center and what you end up with is a hefty price for the tax payer. What most people don’t realize when they vote for these recreational items is that they are voting to pay for them out of their own pocket.

From United States Grand Jury

ALERT!!! - See attached Writ Mandamus concerning Martial Law in America:

NOTE: You are NOT receiving multiple faxes of the same writs, they are multiple writs addressing numerous issues and commanding obedience of our elected servants.


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